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Congratulations to Cafe Matariki!

A huge shout out to our client Cafe Matariki for winning a UK Good Food Award 2020. Check them out if you are in Bristol.

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The FEDERATION NATIONALE DES CINEMAS FRANCOIS Vista Exhibition Stand, Deauville, France

Ellen and Company designed a bespoke 18m2 international exhibition stand to seamlessly house Vista Group and four of their businesses; Vista Cinema, Veezi, Movio and Cinema Intelligence. Vista Cinema is the cinema software global leader, in cinemas with 20+ screens in 90+ countries.

The Deauville exhibition stand is part of a global suite of international exhibition stands and required the same distinctive design approach, albeit on a smaller scale than those designed by Ellen and Company for the larger exhibition stands of Las Vegas and Barcelona. This calm, minimalist approach separates Vista Group from the visual noise of the surrounding exhibitors and attracted arecord number of delegates. The illuminated raised floor defines the space, a central tower features each brand identity while the four angular desks rest on floor graphics using the graphic systems from each of the business brands. The small meeting table serviced the four businesses. What could have been a cluttered stand was serene and spacious.

The stand was built in Romania, then shipped and assembled in Deauville; with all design, construction drawings, technical requirements and associated collateral seamlessly managed by Ellen and Company from New Zealand.

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Petrol Giant BP gifts free petrol

Thank you BP for the free tank of gas. We’ve been using the BP app for a year now – it is a great method of purchasing your petrol, no queues and pay at the counter humdrum. Get on the app, fill the tank and the receipt shoots straight through to accounts. Couldn’t be easier… and the free tank of gas - that was an unexpected reward.

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Nice little job for Vista Group.

An animated video introducing a selection of their businesses - each with very different brands. For social media, presentations and trade stands.

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They battled it out on the night

A fabulously funny evening at the Downtown Rotary inaugural Battle of the Suits debate, fundraising for the Auckland City Mission HomeGround Project. A must for next year’s social calendar supporting a great cause, while enjoying much hilarity as each team slanders the other - even the justices joined in!

Ellen and Company are very proud to have created the brand for such a great event.

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Mastering mental wellness, the Sir John Kirwan Foundation

Ellen and Company are proud sponsors of the recently launched Sir John Kirwan Foundation to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. The foundation has been established to equip school-aged children with the age-appropriate skills they need to recognise and respond to mental health issues in themselves and those around them.

Ellen and Company, turned a well-known metaphor for depression, the Black Dog, into a stylised balloon dog. The act of making a balloon dog illustrates that we can be in control of, manage and tame our depression.

Removing the stigma around mental illness is fundamental to helping young people, and turning the Black Dog from something to be feared to something to be mastered, managed and controlled is an intrinsic part of the Sir John Kirwan Foundation story.

Everyone’s balloon dog will be different, as is everyone’s situation. One in five New Zealanders will have a serious mood disorder, including depression, in their life time. As JK says “I want New Zealand to have the greatest mental health in the developed world. Not the worst”. Contributing to the Sir John Kirwan Foundation journey and knowing that will help save lives has touched us all here at Ellen and Company. Many thanks to our team and especially Tamati Turnbull for your long hours and dedication.

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Newmarket Business Awards – Best Use of Social Media…

We are sponsors of the Newmarket Business Awards - Best Use of Social Media... and the winner for 2018 was Burger Burger.  Well deserved Mimi Gilmour Buckley (Boss Lady) and team. Making us hungry... thinking burgers!

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Congratulations Christine Fenby of Vista Group

Christine has been named in the 'Top 50 Women in Global Cinema' by the respected film industry online news and opinion resource, Celluloid Junkie

Celluloid Junkie says "It is hard to do justice to the wide ranging nature of Vista’s global empire, both in terms of companies, countries, clients and coverage of the world’s leading cinema software company.

Driving of the global presence of the Vista Group brand, Christine Fenby is the public face of Vista, Veezi, Movio, MovieTeam, Numero, Maccs, Cinema Intelligence, Powster and Flicks across seven headquarters, nine regional partners in 80+ countries, all from Auckland, New Zealand (though at heart a self-confessed South Islander “every time”).

Rather than focus solely on cinema or only on distribution, Fenby is responsible for making sure the entire industry is aware of Vista’s wide rage of complementary products which overlap between production, distribution, exhibition and even cinema patrons.  Fenby is praised for her drive, passion and for being guardian of the Vista Group brand."

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Thanks Mal!

Thanks Mal for the lovely French cakes from Pyrénées - The French Delicatessen. It took 2 days to polish them off. Yum!

Get in contact.

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We needed this like a hole in the head

This grand old lady we have called home for the last six years, was built in the depression - without conventional reinforcing. We’re talking all sorts of ‘bits’ of steel, including old car axles. What started as a subsidence due to the removal of a tree, has resulted in a major reconstruction.

Now the corner pillar in our office requires rebuilding, so we have moved. Our temporarily address is 16 Beresford Square, Newton, where it is business as usual.

Many thanks to Fraser of GardyneHolt for accommodating us.